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"Silver Moonlight," a historical fantasy short story by Kady Ambrose. Sign up for the mailing list to receive a free copy!

Silver Moonlight

Irene, whose family maintains one of the grand hotel resorts in the New Hampshire mountains year-round, reluctantly agrees to help end the misery of her fiancé, who suffers shell-shock from the WWI battlefield. But before she will participate in his desperate plan, she makes him agree to ice skate with her at a patch of ice deep in the forest they both remember from their childhoods – a special place where help just might be found.

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Words with Heart," A Valentine's Day Anthology, with "Paper Hearts" by Kady Ambrose. All proceeds benefit Girls Not Brides. Buy now on Amazon!paper hearts

Leo’s had a rough six months since his homelife turned upside-down. And now a stupid act of vandalism has got him doing mandatory community service helping differently-abled kids make Valentines. His sucky day takes a turn for the better when he snags the empty seat next to a smokin’ hot volunteer rocking a Delta Gamma tee-shirt, but it turns out she sees him better than he counted on.

Debuted in Elderflower Press’ anthology WORDS WITH HEART, all proceeds supporting the charitable organization Girls Not Brides.

Series in progress

Goddess Descending

Book One: A Constellation of Might & Stars

CompHuntress Descending, Book One: a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady Ambroseleted Manuscript

1833. In Southeast Missouri, 17-year-old Isabelle is part-Shawnee/part-French Creole and cursed with Herculean strength that has stolen everyone she’s ever loved. If she is ever to make a life with Rex, the conflicted son of a slaveholder who’s won her heart, she must earn the assistance of the mysterious huntress Po-teet, who is actually Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt. But once it’s revealed her true father is the Greek god Zeus, Isabelle encounters a more dangerous threat—Hera, the jealous goddess determined to destroy all the offspring of her philandering husband.

Book Two: A Moonlit Passage

Huntress Descending, Book Two: a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady AmbroseCompleted Manuscript

1842. 16-year-old Layla, a half-Cherokee/half-black fugitive slave, must confront the violence of bondage, the wrath of Greek gods and the longings of her own heart to complete her odyssey to freedom. Trained as a midwife by Po-teet’s half sister, the Goddess of Childbirth, Layla is eager to resume the journey north cut short when she was a child, but when she lingers in Southeast Missouri to help Isabelle deliver her first child, she falls in love with George, a secretly educated slave, forcing her to choose between freedom on her own or living among everyone she loves, but in bondage.

Book Three: A Wolf’s Dying Breath

Huntress Descending, Book Three: a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady AmbroseCompleted Manuscript

1860. On the eve of the Civil War, 18-year-old Abby, Isabelle and Rex’s fiercely independent daughter, plans to use her secret speed to evade her father’s demand that she wed by agreeing to marry the first suitor to beat her in a footrace. But she and Jack, the secret abolitionist who loves her, need Po-teet’s assistance to heal Abby’s wounded heart.

Won in the YA category of the Virginia Romance Writers’ ‘Fool for Love’ contest and was one of two finalists in the Orange County Romance Writers’ ‘Orange Rose’ contest with title GOLDEN APPLES.

Book Four: Currently Untitled

Huntress Descending, Book Four: a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady AmbroseWork in Progress

1864. The Civil War rages. 20-year-old Phoebe is a former slave from Rex’s farm who escaped to Canada with her true love Violet, now known as “Victor” or “Vee” and Phoebe’s husband. When Vee becomes a soldier in the Union Army’s Colored Troops, Phoebe enlists as a laundress and healer in order to accompany and protect Vee while hiding her ability to bring people back from the dead acquired on a harrowing trip to Hades made during her escape from slavery. Stuck in an area of Southeast Missouri that’s become lawless, Po-teet must protect the remaining civilians from Union and Confederate troops who loot as they pass through. Even more dangerouis is her half brother, Ares, the God of War, who leads a band of ruthless bushwackers terrorizing the vulnerable population until Phoebe and Vee return and Po-teet’s fate become inextricably entwined with theirs.

Twin Birch House

Book One: All That Shimmers

Twin Birch House, Book One: All That Shimmers, a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady AmbroseCompleted Manuscript

As World War I rages overseas, a fairy’s prophecy convinces a young nanny at a grand hotel resort that her destiny is a man of “sterling and gold,” but when the Spanish Flu brings death to even that privileged world, identifying her true love becomes more important than ever.

ALL THAT SHIMMERS was runner-up in the historical category of the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers On the Far Side Contest, finaled in the New Adult category of the Toronto Romance Writers’ Catherine Contest and finaled in the historical category of the Virginia Romance Writers’ Fool For Love Contest, Southern Magic’s Linda Howard Award of Excellence Competition, The Valley Forge Romance Writers’ Sheila Contest and the Orange County Romance Writers’ Orange Rose Contest.

Book Two: All That Burns

Twin Birch House, Book Two: All That Burns, a pre-published young adult historical fantasy by Kady AmbroseWork in Progress

When a disgraced suffragette returns to New Hampshire’s White Mountains carrying the child of the powerful man who raped her, she must confront the vengeance of mythical creatures she had not encountered since childhood to claim the love she’d spent years denying.

Book Three: All That Grows

Twin Birch House, Book Three: All That Grows, a pre-published young adult historical fantasy novel by Kady AmbroseTo Come

As the glamorous world of the White Mountain grand hotels crumbles after WWI, a selfless nurse struggling to support her shell-shocked husband must face her biggest fears or risk being crushed in the rubble.

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